DIY: What to do with your summer pictures and travel keepsakes?

Hey everyone! I can’t believe it’s already been two months since I began traveling in Australia! During that time I took a lot of pictures and got my hands on a few keepsakes. And now I’m thinking about what I will do with all that when I come back. There’s some good ideas around the web, so here’s the ones I think to be the best!

1. The Keepsake box

You can find a lot of different examples of keepsake boxes on Pinterest since Martha Stewart talked about it on this post. I really love this idea. You can keep it simple and do it quite quickly and still have pretty good results. When I come back and find some boxes I like, I think I’ll try it.

Inspiration : 1. 2. 3. Emote Design WordPress 4. 5. 6. The Junk House Blogspot

 2. The travel journal

Like the keepsake box, the travel diary seems to be a big hit despite being so simple (maybe that’s the reason actually). You can find lots of pictures of amazing and beautiful journals around the web to inspire you.

I think there’s two different kinds of travel journals:
– The ones you take with you while traveling to write about your trip and glue some keepsakes on it.
– The ones you make after your trip and where you gather your pictures, etc… It’s a kind of scrapbooking actually and it’s about these ones that I’ll talk today.

Inspiration : 1. Found Paper Co. Blogspot 2. Sande Krieger’s Typepad 3. 4. Jemerasp’s Flickr 5. Diary of a Daydreamer Blogspot 6. Saturday Morning Vintage Typepad 7. Dispatch from LA Typepad

 3. The Polaroid Wall

I used to stick pictures on my walls when I was a teen. It may seem childish to some people but even now, when it’s well done, I find it very esthetic. If you don’t own your flat (or house) it’s a good way to decorate your home without having to make any holes or painting the walls.

Inspiration : 1. 2. 3. 4. Tod Brilliant’s Pola Wall 5.

 4. The Travel Shadow Box

The Travel Shadow Box is not my favourite but it can still look pretty good. You can showcase your trip in it, using your pictures, tickets, sand bottles and other keepsakes. Just keep it tidy so it looks good from the outside.

Inspiration : 1. 2. Jordan Hebl on Design Aglow 3. Darcy Miller’s Exhibit 4. 5. 6. 7. Mallory Shea on Pinterest

And you, what do you do with your travel pictures and keepsakes?

If you’ve other ideas, please share them! 🙂


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