Open When Letters: the perfect gift for someone you love

Open When Letters

As my Open When Letters post is the most popular of my blog, I thought some of you might be interested in an English version of it.

FYI, Open When Letters are some letters or packages that you give to someone important to you (like your man, a family member, a close friend…) and each letter is supposed to be opened on a very specific occasion. It reminds me of the book PS : I love you, in which the female protagonist has to open each month a letter written by her beloved husband who just died. These letters helped her to overcome her loss and become stronger. They were so full of love and showed how much her husband knew her. I really loved the idea (and the book, you must read it if you haven’t !).

I’ve had this Open When Letters idea for a long time (thanks Pinterest!), and my best friend’s 25th birthday seemed to be the perfect moment to try it out. It’s somewhat different from the gifts we use to give on birthdays, and much more personnal.

So here’s what I did for my letters :

Open when… it’s your birthday
– a happy birthday note explaining the present
– a picture of The Great Gatsby movie :  « A little party never killed nobody »
– a princess crown made of paper

Open when… you miss me
– a letter
– pictures of us
– some of our high school private jokes
– friendship pictures and e-cards

Open when… you miss your family
– pictures of her childhood (provided by her family)
– a letter from her sister

Open when… you need to feel loved, baby !
– a letter
– 10 things I love about you
– a special BFF mix CD
– a heart shaped lollipop
– friendship pictures and e-cards
– homemade heart shaped confetti

Open when… you’re bored
– a letter
– a Mad Men card « Only boring people are bored »
– crosswords, sudokus, labyrinths, custom word search
– a Ryan Gosling colouring picture
– a paper folding fortune teller game

Open when… you’ve had a bad day
– a letter
– a « 5 good things that happened to me today » to fill
– a funny selection of FML
– a « How to know if you have a shitty life » test
– inspirational pictures and quotes
– a ray of sunshine

Open when… you failed
– a letter
– 10 examples of famous people who failed before they succeeded
– 9 tricks to oercome failure
– inspirational pictures and quotes

Open when… your life is sorely lacking in hot guys
– a note
– lots of pictures of my friend’s favorite actors
– 3 printed profiles of hot guys on as a joke
(it’s a popular french dating site for young people)

Open when… you need your penguin fix
– penguins pictures
– a picture of us 7 years ago with a penguin from Mary Poppins at Disneyland Paris

Open When Letters 2

Open when you need to feel loved baby

Open when you miss me

And here’s some links I used :
– The Open When Letters of Inspire Locked Up Love, Attempts of a non-crafty girl and I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good
Pinterest is amazing to find printables and DIY ideas
– The stationery I used is from Good Night Little Spoon (free)
– The princess crown printable can be found here
– For the penguin pattern used on some envelopes, I made a stamp from an eraser with a cutter as explained here.
– Other useful sites :, FML, the hot guys pictures are here,

Well, I hope this post inspired you and helped you to make your own Open When Letters. If you have any question, just ask! 😉 See you soon for more projects!

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